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Subject of her memoir: I Know My Way Memoir:Always Remember to Color the Sky Blue

Theresa Marafito graduated magna cum laude from Adelphi College, now a university with two Masters Degrees in History and Special Education. She would teach visually handicapped children prior to her marriage to her soul mate Jerry who was also Partially sighted. They would build a house of love together, raise two children, (the oldest visually impaired herself) and start a business serving the public at the Croton Harmon Train Station that would endure over five decades.

 Theresa was born blind in one eye and had usable vision in the other. Her main focus was to be considered “normal”, no different from anyone else. She had a lifelong fear of becoming totally blind and after every operation, and there were many, her fear became more pronounced.

Still, she had a message to deliver in her memoir to those who are partially-sighted or totally blind. Theresa shows by example that with a little humor and a lot of “guts” nothing in life is impossible. Taking her message one step further, Theresa wanted to show those who are living with visually impaired family members that a normal daily life is indeed possible with some minor adaptations.

Theresa taught at the Institute for the Education of Blind and Visually Impaired Children upon college graduation, but after 2 years left because the administration frowned on her strong belief that blind and visually impaired children should learn to use their vision to the fullest. Theresa learned this valuable lesson during summer camp when she was a child and would walk through life remembering this precious advice. She felt that this advice should encompass others with disabilities as well.

In 1972 Theresa held a seminar in her home for a handful of college students who upon graduation would be helping blind and visually impaired children and adults to become more independent.

In several chapters in this memoir, Theresa explains to you, her reader all the adaptations she had to make with the continuing loss of her sight. She offers tips and strategies to help visually impaired lead a normal life.   

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I Know My Way Memoir:Always Remember to Color the Sky Blue

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